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MO-SA from 5pm


3 Hours Tour & After Party

Our tour is all about having fun! We will take you to some hidden gems in Osaka. The meeting point is 300 meter from Nipponbashi Subway Station from where we will head to famous Den Den Town.
First Stop is one of the most famous maid cafes where you will have the chance to meet the cutest maids and see a special song & dance performance. After a short walk to Namba we will reach Japenese Cosplay Photo where we dress up as our favourite anime characters or perhaps traditional shrine maidens?
Whatever it is we will take some nice pictures which you will get printed, a nice memory to keep forever

Last Stop will be Video Game Bar Space Station where we will have a free cocktail shot & chill while we can play our favourite video games or even have a little Street Fighter tournament.
Feel free to stay. They’re closing late



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Tour starts every day at 4 pm

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Book your Tour via email, facebook, instagram or contact form on our Website

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Step 3

Meet me at Nipponbashi Station on time

We dont care about the weather, just bring a sunny mood 🙂


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